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PCB Design


TX Trading Inc. is a versatile resource for your prompt and competitive solution to all your PCB design demand, from double, multi-layer to proprietary form factors.

Our designers utilize the latest PCB design technologies with extensive knowledge in fabrication, assembly, and ensure a PCB that can be manufactured as well as tested.

The platforms we use include Allegro, Mentor, Power PCB, and ORCAD. We have extensive experience with various applications including telecommunications, networking, analog, RF, PDA, cell phones, PCI and Compact PCI.

Expertise :
The following are a few of areas we specialize in:

Large High Density SMT Boards
Quad Flat Packs, Small Outline IC's
Ball Grid Arrays, Multi Chip Modules
Blind, Buried, and Micro Vias
Mil-Spec, NASA Designs
High Speed Digital, ECL, RF, and Analog
Controlled Impedance - common mode and differential
PC Motherboards, Backplanes, Networking cards, Flex, and Rigid Flex
ATM / Ethernet Switch
Compact PCI Backplane
Networking Boards
High Speed Telecom OC-48 / OC-192 BOARDS
Palmtop Computer
Mini Pager
Video Adapter, PCI and AGP
Industrial Computer

Design Services
   Two week STD delivery
   One week expedite
   Board Layout
   Auto/Manual Route
   PCB Design Database
   Electronic Gerber Files
   Hardcopy DWG's avail.